Thursday, June 17, 2010

Different Jobs in Our Community

Week 2

Day 1:

Please listen to the podcast below of an interview with a volunteer firefighter and then discuss with a partner the importance of this community job.

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Day 2:

Click on the storybook above and listen to Thank You, Mr. Falker read by Jane Kaczmarek, the mom from Malcolm in the Middle. Then complete 1 of the 5 related activities in your writing journal.

Day 3:

Watch this video that takes you on a virtual field trip through a hospital, a school, a post office and a library. It discusses the different jobs that are at each location. Discuss with your pod which jobs you would like to do best and why.

Community MAP

Click on this link and take a tour of a neighborhood! Discuss the questions as you explore the map with your partner.

Day 4

Watch this video that thanks community workers for what they do. When you are done discuss with your partner who you would like to thank and why.

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