Thursday, June 17, 2010

Different Jobs in Our Community

Week 2

Day 1:

Please listen to the podcast below of an interview with a volunteer firefighter and then discuss with a partner the importance of this community job.

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Day 2:

Click on the storybook above and listen to Thank You, Mr. Falker read by Jane Kaczmarek, the mom from Malcolm in the Middle. Then complete 1 of the 5 related activities in your writing journal.

Day 3:

Watch this video that takes you on a virtual field trip through a hospital, a school, a post office and a library. It discusses the different jobs that are at each location. Discuss with your pod which jobs you would like to do best and why.

Community MAP

Click on this link and take a tour of a neighborhood! Discuss the questions as you explore the map with your partner.

Day 4

Watch this video that thanks community workers for what they do. When you are done discuss with your partner who you would like to thank and why.

Week 1

Day 1:

Check out this video of some of the different jobs you may see in your community. Have you seen any of these jobs in your community? Do you know someone who works in one of these areas? Maybe you can think of some more jobs that weren't included in our little video!

Day 2-4:

Below is a list of books that are available at our library. Please check out and read at least 5 of the books, each from a different category. Then complete one blog posting on our Classroom Book Blog for each of the books you chose.

Arno, E. ~The Gingerbread Man
Barbour, Karen ~Little Nino's Pizzeria
Galdone, P. ~The Gingerbread Boy
Greenberg, Melanie ~Hope My Father's Luncheonette
Hennessy, B. G.~ Jake Baked the Cake
Kazza, Keiko ~The Wolf's Chicken Stew
McGovern, A.~ Stone Soup
Poskanzer, Susan ~What It's Like to Be a Chef
Sendak, Maurice ~ In the Night Kitchen
Speed, Toby ~ Hattie Baked a Wedding Cake
Spohn, Kate ~Ruth's Bake Shop
Lord, John Vernon ~The Giant Jam Sandwich

Barton, Byron ~ Building a House
Barton, Byron~ Machines at Work
Daniel, Kira ~ Home Builder
Florian, Douglas ~ A Carpenter
Gibbons, G. ~ How a House is Built
Jennings, Terry ~ Cranes, Dump Trucks, Bulldozers, and Other Building Machines
Lillegard, Dee ~ I Can Be a Carpenter
Morris, Ann ~ Tools
Muntean, Michaela ~ Wet Paint
Pfanner, Louise ~Louise Builds a House
Pluckrose, Henry ~Build It!
Rey's, H. A. ~ Curious George and the Dump Truck

Bauer, Judith ~ What It's Like to Be a Doctor
Berry, Joy W. ~ Teach Me About the Dentist
Braithwaite, Althea ~ Visiting the Dentist
Butler, Daphne ~ First Look in the Hospital
Cooper, Elizabeth ~ Rosie's Hospital Story
Davison, Martine~ Rita Goes to the Hospital
DeSantrs, Kenny ~ A Dentist's Tools
DeSantrs, Kenny ~ A Doctor's Tools
Drescher, Joan ~ Your Doctor, My Doctor
Hankin, Rebecca ~ I Can Be a Doctor
Hautzig, Deborah ~ A Visit to the Sesame Street Hospital
Hogan, Paula Z. ~The Hospital Scares Me
Krementz, Jill ~Taryn Goes to the Dentist
Mayer, Mercer ~ Just Going to the Dentist
Rockwell, A. and H. ~ The Emergency Room

Averill, Esther ~ The Fire Cat
Barrett, Norman S. ~ Picture World of Fire Engines
Bond, Felicia ~ Poinsettia and the Firefighters
Brown, Margaret Wise ~ The Little Fireman
Bundt, Nancy ~ The Fire Station Book
Cameron, Elizabeth ~The Big Book of Real Fire Engines
Elliot, Dan ~A Visit to the Sesame Street Fire Station
Fowler, Richard ~ Mr. Little's Noisy Fire Engine
Gergely, Tibor ~ The Great Big Fire Engine Book
Hankin, Rebecca ~I Can Be a Firefighter
Hutchings, Amy and Richard ~ Firehouse Dog
Marston, Hope Irvin ~ To The Rescue
Munsch, Robert ~The Fire Station
Rey, Margaret ~ Curious George at the Fire Station -
Rockwell, Anne ~Fire Engines
Scarry, Richard ~ Smokey the Fireman
Slater, Teddy ~The Big Book of Real Fire Trucks and Fire Fighting
Thompson, Amy Old Macdonald Had a Community

Gibbons, Gail ~ Check It Out, The Book About Libraries
Greene, Carol ~I Can Be a Librarian
Kimmel, Eric A. ~I Took My Frog to the Library
Mora, Pat ~Tomas and the Library Lady
Poulet, Virginia ~Blue Bug Goes to the Library
Radlauer, Ruth Shaw ~ Molly at the Library

Police Officer
Barrett, Norman S. ~Picture World of Police Vehicles
Broekel, Ray ~Police
Greene, Carla ~I Want to Be a Policeman
Hannum, Dotti ~A Visit to the Police Station
Johnson, Jean ~Police Officers: A to Z
Matthias, Catherine ~I Can Be a Police Officer
Nay, Patrick~ State Patrol
Pellowski, Michael J. ~What's It Like to Be a Police Officer?
Rathmann, Peggy ~Officer Buckle and Gloria
Reys, Margaret and H. A. ~Curious George Visits a Police Station
Robinson, Barry and Dain, Martin J. ~On the Beat, Policemen at Work

Postal Worker
Ahlbert, Janet and Allan ~The Jolly Postman or Other People's Letters
Gibbons, Gail ~The Post Office Book
Henri, Adrian and Henwood ~Simon The Postman's Palace
Keats, Ezra Jack ~A Letter to Amy
Marshak, Samuel ~Hail to Mail

Allard, Harry ~Miss Nelson is Back
Beckman, Beatrice ~I Can Be a Teacher
Brown, Marc ~Arthur's Teacher Trouble
Chardiet, Bernice and Maccarone, Grace ~The Best Teacher in the World
Cohen, Miriam ~The New Teacher
Howe, James ~The Teacher Went Bananas
Marshall, James ~Miss Nelson is Missing!
Parish, Peggy~ Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia


Ashabranner, Brent ~People Who Make a Difference
Civardi, Anne ~Things People Do
Florian, Douglas ~People Working
Giff, Patricia Reilly~ Next Year I'll Be Special
Hazen, Barbara S. ~Mommy's Office
Klein, Norma ~Girls Can Be Anything
Komaiko, Leah ~My Perfect Neighborhood
Merriam, Eve ~Daddies at Work
Merriam, Eve~ Mommies at Work
Rockwell, Anne ~When We Grow Up